Posted on Dec 01, 2017
Stampede City Kinettes & Kinsmen volunteered at the Operation Christmas Child
Last night at the distribution center was pretty cool.  Our shift packed over 5800 shoe-boxes in our few hours of work. It was neat to see the operation from the inside.
The amount of toys that pass through this building is immense. I would suggest that it certainly rivals Santa’s load. Calgary is one of two  distribution centers in Canada with the other in Kitchener Ontario. So the amount of shoe-boxes coming into the building is mind-blowing. It’s a well-oiled machine for sure. Lots of thought went into the process as a whole. Job functions, stations of operation etc. you can stand back and watch the system working.
Distribution on a global scale is massive and there is so much demand that 10 years will pass between when a region last had a shoe box delivery. So children usually receive only 1 shoe-box in their childhood. And it really makes an impact.
It was a neat experience and it’s heartwarming to see that there are so many good people in this world that care.
Thank you for the support.
Dave Pool
Stampede City Kinsmen